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JJD Malabanan Siphoning Pozo Negro Declogging Services 4571994

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Contact Details   09771140263   malabananmmd07@gmail.com malabanan
JJD MALABANAN SIPHONING POZO NEGRO/ SEPTIC TANK PLUMBINGS Tel;4571993/4571994-smart;09298127216/09071458105/globe;09771140263/09363821119 -WE ARE JJD OPEN 24/7 CALL IN SERVICES ALL AREAS IN METRO MANILA,BULACAN CAVITE,LAGUNA,BATANGAS & RIZAL SAMAR,LEYTE,TACLOBAN,BACOLOD,ILOILO -NO.1 IN SERVICES -YOUR ONE STOP PLUMBING SERVICES -WE PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY SERVICES -HIGHLY TRAINED PERSONNEL -FRIENDLY STAFF Plumbing Services a wide range of reliable and trusted services th?t w??? meet ??? ?f ???rplumbing needs. O?r team ?f professionals guarantees t? give ??? detailed services SERVICES OFFERED: •Siphoning ?f sludge human waste fr?m pozo •negro (per trip) •Draining ?f water, waste mud, ?nd waste oil •De-clogging ?f cleaning up ?f main sanitary pipelines •Cleaning ?nd manual removal ?f solid sludge •Solidifying grease oil waste garbage material ?nd ?th?r residues inside •septic tank •Thorough cleaning ?f th? septic vault (pozo negro) •De-clogging ?f clear up sewerage system pipelines •Installing ?f water cement pipelines •Installing ?f outlet ?nd inlet pipelines •Locating / opening ?f septic tank •Constructing septic tank •Manual cleaning ?f waste water treatement plant •A?? types ?f clogged drainage system ?f plumbing service F?r more information & inquiries call ?? now ?r email annmore10@yahoo. com PREVENTIVES MAINTENANCE • { Restaurant, Hotel, Malls, Gasoline Station} • { Company,Schools An? Oth?r Establishment} { Residential Services}


iloilo, Bacolod all localities, Bacolod
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Created Date: 29-11-2019

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