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Come experience the ultimate relaxation at SMILEYGREENS Spa in BENGALURU. Our setup is the absolute destination for peace and tranquility. Our full body massage is performed by our trained and certified masseurs who can calm your mind and soothe your body. Our goal is to inspire goodness from within. We promote bespoke treatments with focus on getting the lost glow back. Our body scrub and body wrap treatment can lift the dullness from your skin and leave it hydrated. Our massage service in BENGALURU is the perfect getaway destination to de-stress from your daily grind. Our signature treatments can leave you rejuvenated and put your life back on track. Enjoy all this in a good ambiance away from your routine. INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY SMILEYGREENS SPA is now available in your neighborhood to give customers in BENGALURU a taste of international unisex massage services from Bali, Sweden and Thailand. THAI MASSAGE Thai massage is a muscle effort. It is therapist friendly with the uses of hands, forearms, knees, feet and elbows making it a clear winner over other types of massages. The benefits are: Ease to implement even when fully dressed There is no need for a massage table or essential oils. It can be done in the open. The treatment options are wide; full body massage, hot herbal ball massage. Foot massage and more. It offers body manipulations like stretches Professional massage therapists plays a vital role than the system It derives its roots from the Indian yoga system making it similar to Ayurvedic massage Swedish Body Massage - Forget your Stress and Relax at SMILEYGREENS SPA Enjoy more than relaxation with a Swedish massage. Experience increased flow of oxygen in your body, decrease in toxin level in the body, improved blood circulation to your internal organs and improve flexibility in your muscles all the while relaxing at the hands of your experienced therapist. Swedish massage aids insomnia and helps you to fall into a deep sleep quickly. It encourages deeper breathing and improves the complexion of your skin.


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Created Date: 31-10-2018

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