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Contact Details   00393510136683   uba@techie.com 
Do you have a project in mind and need credit to make it a reality? UBA CREDIT FINANCE offers you loan from 5,000 € to 2,500,000 € at a rate of 3% annual. A quick need for a project or an unexpected expense. With the UBA CREDIT FINANCE revolving credit, you have at hand a solution with monthly payments adapted to your budget. - The amount of 5.000 € to 2.500.000 € - You choose the monthly payment that you want in the limit of the minimum monthly rate the interest rate is 3% annual. In addition, you can change your monthly payment independently. - You can prepay all or part without any fees. You can also suspend the payment of your monthly payments twice a year *. Advantages of the UBA CREDIT FINANCE loan A fixed interest rate is 3% Choosing the Perso Loan means having a fixed interest rate, it does not change for the duration of your loan. Your budget balance is preserved and you fully realize your projects. No proof The nature of your project does not concern us! You realize your purchases without having to justify anything! Once your file accepted, your transfer is paid within 48 hours on your account. You have it as you wish! UBA CREDIT FINANCE is an existing non-governmental organization since 2001. Made up of individuals, it wants to be the tool of reflection and reference in terms of loan-between-individuals. The law as a whole shows us that this is both a possibility but also a highly regulated activity. So our first concern; it is to solve the problems related to the economic crisis and make the loan-between-individuals more credible in the world. We are submitting a loan offer to (individuals, businesses, associations) who are in difficulty or want help in solving some of their financial problems or to start a business. - Choice of the amount ranging from 5,000.00 to 2.500.000 - Choice of the repayment term: 30 years maximum. - Annual repayment rate 3% interest. With this in mind, please write to us or to contact us if you are interested.


san pietro vernotico via zanardelli 57, Bagerhat all localities, Bagerhat
Keyword : partner, partnership, foreign investor, business, financing, real estate
Created Date: 30-01-2019

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Jared, Daryl, Campa and Larson Bahamas | Offer of a loan to serious and honest people (plavec.joz@gmail.com)
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