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Six Sigma is not just an improvement methodology that uses the DMAIC- Define – Measure- Analyze- Improve – Control framework, 1. A System of management to achieve lasting business leadership and top performance applied to benefit business, customers, associates and shareholders in Service, Manufacturing and BFSI sectors 2. A Measure to define the capability of any process 3. A Goal for improvement, that targets near perfection through continuous reduction of variation. According to Michael George, author of the best seller Lean Six Sigma, “Rapid improvement requires both Lean and Six Sigma as an amalgamated approach”- 4. Integration with Lean and Innovation • Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that maximizes shareholder value by achieving the fastest rate of improvement in customer satisfaction, cost, quality, process speed and invested capital • The fusion of Lean and Six Sigma is required because- • Lean cannot bring a process in statistical control and • Six Sigma, alone cannot dramatically improve the process speed or reduced invested capital. Module 1: Introduction 1. Dr. Deming’s message to Management- reduction of variation in processes 2. Six Sigma Overview, Origin and Application • What is Six Sigma? • DMAIC, DFSS , IDOV approaches to Six Sigma • Six sigma and Organization Structure Module 2: Define 1. Voice of Customer (VOC) • Tools for preliminary VOC analysis • CTQ Tree • Affinity Diagram • Kano Model 2. Project Charter and Plan • Translating business issues to projects • Building Goal/Problem Statement • Project Scoping • Selection of Team Members • Assigning of Roles for Team Members • Deriving Project Schedule • Putting together the Business Case and Project Sign Off. • Six Sigma Finance – Potential savings and their link to defects; estimating potential savings; Cost Avoidance vs. Costs Reduction. • SIPOC or COPIS or POCIS 3. Project selection tools- Pugh matrix and Prioritization matrix 4. Team Definition / performance • ARMI • GRPI-Goals , Roles, Processes, Interpersonal


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Created Date: 10-06-2019

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