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If I am not wrong, you will be facing at least three of the following 5 issues. 1. Lack of new customers coming to the restaurant due to the new online delivery platforms. 2. Finding hard to price evenly as you can’t afford to pay the delivery portal commission from your pocket. 3. Loosing your daily customer as they too get addicted to this portal system. 4. Losing the customer attention as the favorite and recommended the restaurant on the portals are decided by them and you are pushed to the bottom of the list. 5. Finding hard to meet the expense and eventually worried about losing your business? If the online portal had hit you badly, why can't you take it to them at a low-cost investment? It is the same amount you end up paying their commission by 4 months. Just have a positive out of it and look at this scenario.?? 1. Have your own food booking app and be your own boss. 2. Make your own genuine pricing and you now earn the same profit as you don’t end up paying their commission.? 3. Retain your loyal customers as they prefer your restaurant if they are provided with your normal pricing and an option to make an order from their phone. ?4. Save the commission that you pay them as you no more pay them the ugly commission amount.? 5. Have your own identity among others than the silly restaurant under the delivery portals brand. 6. You are the king and there is no one to push you to the bottom list. 7. Attract new customers with the offer and promotion that you decide, not the one decide by portals. As the business now involves around the smartphone and people spend a lot on it. We don’t mention here a website, because we want to keep the investment as low as possible. Now what we can offer on this aspect is Food Ordering User Application (Android & iOs) Restaurant Owner Application (Android & iOs) ?Delivery Boy Application (Android & iOs) ?Restaurant Setup Portal (Website) Look at what you can do with each app! Food Ordering User Application ?*User Profile With login and Registration? *Menu Listing with categories. ?*Cart System ?*Checkout and Delivery *Payment Gateway with COD? *Ordering with history and Tracking ?*Your Branding and other basic features Restaurant Owner Application? *Owner Login and Profile? *Restaurant Profile? *Order Management? *Delivery Management *Tracking? *Feedback Management?? Delivery Boy Application *Login and Profile ?*Delivery Management.? *Tracking Restaurant Setup Portal *Setup Your Restaurant Details *?Setup Menu and categories *Setup Payment Types Now the question is how much does it cost? That I already told you its same an average commission you may end up in paying in 4 months. To make it clear and transparent, here is the breakdown. ?3x Android applications at 2500 SGD 3x iOS Applications at 2500 SGD? Total 5000 SGD (You can opt for either one platform or both) Here are the freebies Free 2 year server Free 2 year maintenance


ATEES PTE. LTD. #34-24, Centennial Tower 3 Temasek Avenue, Singapore, 039190, Kallang all localities, Kallang
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Created Date: 13-06-2019

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